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We want you to suceed in the careers you want. We know that many people wish to be athletes, entertainers and artists.

At Empower U. Network we help you follow your dreams to make it in the Sports, Entertainment and Arts industries.

Empower U. Network:

1) Shows you Profiles of successful professionals in the Sports, Entertainment and Arts industries to "Empower your Network".

2) Allows you to create your own Profile to network with others to market your skills for college and career.

3) Offers Lessons that you can use to "Be on your Game" (improve your skills to be marketable for college and career advancement).

3) Shares Stories to about events, game coverage and organizations to highlight important industry news and info.

4) Provide awareness to Resources that can support your college and career path.

Our curriculum will show you how to manifest your goals in school, career and life.



We understand that school does not always teach relavant materials to your life or to your career aspirations. Empower U. Network brings relevancy to learning and getting on a career path. We offer infomation from professionals on the skills that it takes to create a plan to manifest your career aspirations.

Whether you want to be a professional athlete, entertainer or artist we give you tips, resources, and profiles of real life professionals in the industries in our network site for:
Hoop, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Film, Fashion, HipHop.

You have the POWER to be what you want in this world as long as you put in the work and learn your craft. Empower U. Network gives you the clear steps to suceed by utilizing and pulling all the knowledge, infomation and positioning to succeed.

1) Basic Skills (Reading, Writing, Math)
2) Industry Knowledge
3) Profiles of Success
4) Networking
5) Work Ethic




We want you to realize your purpose and talents and aspire to your greatness. You can be the best at being you. Empower U. network accesses you with the knowledge, skills and people needed to achieve success in career and ultimately life. We want you to excel in your career pursuit. We will Empower your network through Profiles and imporove your skills through Currculum to ultimately increase opportunities.

We are here to provide you with Resources and a forum to network with professionals in your various career interests. We hear that many youth aspire to be professional athletes and Entertainers. After all they are getting paid. The reality is that their high pay is attributed to the competitive nature of excelling in those professions.

However there are many careers in the Sports and Entertainment Industries. Empower U. Network delves into each industry to know the industry leaders and empower your network. some of the industries we cover are fashion.

We have lessons that excite students learning using the popular culture (Sports, Entertainment & Arts) industry profiles as a guide to achieveing success. When utilized correctly, our Lessons bring relevance to the academic school structure and gives students more motivation to learn.

Student do and should think BIG about their future. Someone has to become a star. If we teach them the focus and work that it takes to get there, even if they fall short they will have the foundation to have multiple career options.

In working in education for over 20 years we have learned that many students think big at being high earners. Typically the exposure students get to million dollar careers are in the form of athletes and entertainers. So they form their lifestyle goals and dreams, but it never gets supported in their pursuit of happiness.

Freeze! Empower U. Network utilizes this opportunity as a teaching moment and uses their carrot of professional athlete and entertainers. We show you for all ages how to make it in the sports and Entertainment industries. As they sing, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."









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