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Hoop Camp workshop

We have worked with student-athletes since 1994 preparing them for success to reach there college and career goals. After speaking with many students across the country many of them want to be professional athletes, entertainers and artists, however they do not always no what it takes.

At Empower U. we have designed life skills lessons to teach students (ages 10-21) what it takes to succeed in the sports, entertainment and art industries. We facilitated workshops at schools, for teams and at sports camps across the country, including the ABCD Camp, Reebok U. Elite Camp, and the Super 100 Camps.

With over 20 years of designing curriculum we have integrated interviews of professional who have become successful in the sports, entertainment and arts careers. Empower U. shares their words of wisdom and designs lessons for students to utilize to gain life skills and awareness to reach their career goals.

Roy Williams

Many time schools discourage students who want to be professional athletes, entertainers or artists instead of channeling that energy as use it as motivation to achieve academically. This causes school to be irrelevant to the students to reach their goal.

At Empower U. we utilize the Linked Learning approach by sharing profilies of professional that highlights how they became successful. We provide the relevancy that schools often lack to motivate students to succeed in school, career and life.


Kendrick Perkins



We want you to suceed in any career that you want. We know that many people wish to be athletes and entertainers.

We cover life skills lessons to prepare for college, career and community development, building Self, Team & Community.

You can see profiles on industry leaders. You can also create your own profile to highlight your talents and skills while empowering your network.

You can also utilize our news stories to create critical thinking and dialog.

Empower U. Network will:

1) Show you Profiles of successful careers in the sports and entertainment industries to "Empower your Network".

2) Offer Curriculum that you can use to "Be on your Game" (improve your skills to be marketable for college and career advancement).

3) Provide awareness to Resources that can support your college and career path.

We want you to realize your purpose and talents and aspire to your greatness. You can be the best at being you. Empower U. network accesses you with the knowledge, skills and people needed to achieve success in career and ultimately life. We want you to excel in your career pursuit. We will Empower your network through Profiles and imporove your skills through Currculum to ultimately increase opportunities.

We are here to provide you with resources and a forum to network with professionals in your various career interests. We hear that many youth aspire to be professional athletes and Entertainers. After all they are getting paid. The reality is that their high pay is attributed to the competitive nature of excelling in those professions.

However there are many careers in the Sports and Entertainment Industries. Empower U. Network delves into each industry to know the industry leaders and empower your network. some of the industries we cover are fashion.

We understand that school does not always teach relavant materials to your life or to your career aspirations. Empower U. Network is the place to understand yourself inorder to create a plan to manifest your career aspirations.

Whether you want to be a professional athlete or entertainer we give you tips, resources, and profiles of real life professionals in the industries:
Hoop, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Film, Fashion, HipHop.

You have the POWER to be what you want in this world as long as you put in the work and learn your craft. Empower U. Network give you the clear steps to suceess by utilizing and pulling all the knowledge, infomation and positioning to succeed.


Empower U. has always been on the cutting edge and changing with the times.

Empowering U. started in 1994 as a college scouting report, Players Press Publishing, and directed a high-school NIKE spring league at Merritt Jr. College.

By 1996 we developed our media outlet, Hoop U., and have since covered NBA, college and prep basketball games and events.

In 1998 we directed the Skills Academy pilot program at Berkeley High School. Over the last three years we have directed Life Skills and Study Skills workshops for schools, organizations and camps.

Currently we are directing the Skills Academy for the Stanford Athletes& Kids United (SAKU) mentoring program at Stanford University and theWildcats Skills Academy at Oakland High School.

Players Press
1994-96 Players Press College Scouting Report

Basketball Leagues

  • 1994 Nike Bay Area Spring League - Merritt Jr. College, Oakland, CA

  • 1999 NIKE/YMCA Future Shot League - MRB YMCA, Oakland, CA

  • 2000 San Francisco Slam N Jam - Oceanview Recreation Center, San Francisco, CA

  • 2001 San Francisco Slam N Jam Spring League - USF Memorial Gym, San Francisco, CA

Hoop U. Magazine

1996 Hoop U. Magazine Estalished

Cover college and Prep Basketball
1998 HoopU.com online magazine


  • 1999 - 2001 Northern California Super 100 Camp

  • 2001 Antonio Davis Big-Man Camp

  • 2002 East Palo Alto Youth Council

  • San Francisco Boys & Girls club,

  • Coronado (Richmond, CA) YMCA

Skills Academy Comprehensive After School Program

  • 2001-05 Stanford University Athletics (SAKU Program)

  • 2002-06 Wildcats Skills Academy - Oakland High School



Empower U. Network
4096 Piedmont Ave., Suite 218
Oakland, CA

Office: 510.418.2401


The two reports discuss outcomes associated with
each skill and strategies for developing the skill. 
By teaching these life skills at an early age, children
will become empowered to learn.
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Good work ethic leads to good luck

Know yourself to create your life path

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